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Attn: Moms & Daughters who seek to be Healthy

Launch of a whole new simplistic daily lifestyle that is sustainable,

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This Is A Message For Every Mom & Daughter who seek to be healthy, But Can't Figure Out How To Do It Quickly Or Well

From The Desk of: Kimberly Baca

Re: Quit food addiction and become healthy

  • Are You Struggling To Know What To Eat and still Stay Healthy?

  • Are you Not thrilled with the results from your diet or food restrictive programs???

  • Do You Struggle to The Body shape You Love?

  • Do you get Overwhelmed from the long list of things you “need to do” to have the body you want?

  • Tired of Trying Yo-Yo Dieting That Leaves You Feeling Deflated?

But Luckily for You There's Now A Solution to Your Problem!!

But before we get into that, let me share a quick story with you... When I started on my health journey 24 years ago, after being debilitated to the point of immobility of my arms and legs, diagnosed as Fibromyalgia, I had to seek hope from within my soul deep down, because the future for me according to the dozens of doctors was discouraging and bleak. Being a Michigander and having been raised on foods that were far from healthy, I had no idea of the impact food had made and would make on my future.

I began to test and discover strategies and techniques that would help me get passed and be able to push through the unbelievable pain, so that after a year, I figured out how to dull the pain all naturally and that equipped me to have the hope to find answers. I devoted my life to help others to never have to be in that pain or helplessness I had been in.

But, the only information on health was a fitness overzealous workout perspective that I had my whole life and that was touted as “the way to be healthy”. Well, there was no way I could do that without being able to walk. So, I had to find another way. Little did I know at the time that the food and elements that we put in our bodies make up for, in my experience, over 90% of what constitutes health. The problem with that was the limited access to information on natural healthy living and what and how to decipher what was real and what was not. As I fumbled through books and what I could at the time in the limited resources over months, still being barely able to move, I was blessed to borrow a set of audio recordings called Unleash The Power Within by Tony Robbins, that ended up transforming my life with the most powerful day of my life, the last day that 2/3 of the participants chose not to return for- Health Day! 

What I had learned from “the experts” about what health was and how to achieve and sustain it, was ALL WRONG!!!

Not only was it wrong, it was leading people down a path of destruction and pain; One that I had been led down, until that day. NO MORE!!! I learned truths and took massive action, in faith, that took back the reins of my health and life, and have been continuing to give back and live that journey of healthy vitality, sharing it with everyone ever since.

As I stumbled through the many facets of how to get and stay healthy, I found the solution that changed everything....

When I discovered the secret...

The solution under everyone's nose...

The result of all my and everyone's pain and suffering around food and health finally exposed....

and now...

I am on a mission to help others just like me to never be helpless again!

How Long Will You Settle For The Quality Of Health You Have Now?

Do you think if you continue to do what you are doing now, that you will have what you deserve and want?

Overwhelmed by the long list of things you “need to do” to lose weight?



The Truth Is, Simple Works.

What would your life look and feel like if you were able to have control over your food emotions, cravings and trials around food so that whatever you ate did not chain you to guilt? 

Imagine the freedom and weight lifted from you for having a way to eat anything guilt-free!

What if I could show you a way to not only have but actually enjoy the foods you love and crave, without guilt?

All with No Extra Time(NET) than what you are doing now for yourself and your family.

All with nutritional benefits that enhance your health instead of detract from it.

What if what I show you actually gives you time back for other things?

And what if what you learn could transform the health of your family's next generation?

Now, how amazing would it be to have all this without wasting time or money? I did all the heavy lifting and have done it for you, so you don't have to go through trial and error.

Show off just how much easier, lighter, happier, and better things will be when this solution is placed into their lives.

Now it is time to...


How To End Unhealthy Food Addiction. Take Control Of Your Health In As Soon As 2 Weeks!

This book is the guide for the path that is the missing piece for the success of true liberty from guilt and unhealthy food addiction. The foundation of a healthy lifetime habit with foods that provide nourishment and satisfy your love of food in a healthy and sustainable way for the ultimate healthy you seek. Guilt-Free Indulgence in your favorite foods! End all the challenges you have with food and the bondage of food for good!!! Put food under your control for the first time ever! Blueprint strategy for living guilt-free for life!!!

I'm Ready to Buy!

Here Is What You Will Get When You Buy This Book Today!!

#1 Recipe Hacker Secrets Digital Book

This provides you with the foundation of a healthy lifetime habit being able to choose and eat foods that provide nourishment but also satisfy your love of food in a healthy way, so you have the ultimate health you seek. 

A system that is simple, easy and sustainable to reach and continue living healthy, the guilt-free way.

#2 Plant-Based Digital Book

Describes in detail what a plant-based diet is and the key to living a plant-based lifestyle for longevity, whether you simply include more plants or learn and decide to go all plant-based, this book is a great easy way to learn the essentials to making plants the foundation to your diet.

Provides you with the nutrient profile necessary to live a healthy life.

#3 Vita Vital LIVEStyle Audio Mind Trainings

A full series multi-audio set for brain training. This is the culmination of decades of research, programming and integration of the mind to direct the body for results you want!

If you have ever understood about the mind, and even if you have no yet, you need to know that however we direct the mind, and do so consistently, it will be reprogrammed. With this audio course, you will have everything to assist in reaching and sustaining inner and outer beauty through health.  

Act Now and Get These Incredible Bonuses...

Super Cool Bonus #1

MEAL PLANNING SYSTEM TRAINING + Inventory/Shopping Tracker Super Bonus +


($197 Value)

Super Cool Bonus #2

How To Meal Prep Training + Template Super Bonus +

MEAL PREP TRAINING with Me and Shopping Hacks to save you time and money! Plus you get the re-usable digital planner to take with you for your shopping and planning to be quick and focused! PLUS+ MEAL PLAN TEMPLATE TO HELP WITH YOUR KITCHEN INVENTORY AND PLANNING YOUR WEEKLY MEALS 

($197 Value)

Super Cool Bonus #3




($97 Value)

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  • Plant-Based Digital Book ($47 Value)

  • Vita Vital LIVEStyle Audio Mind Trainings  ($497 Value)

  • BONUS #1: MEAL PLANNING SYSTEM TRAINING + Inventory/Shopping Tracker  ($197 Value)

  • BONUS #2: How To Meal Prep Training + Template  ($197 Value)


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Let's see what our customers are saying

Kimberly is a dynamic breath of fresh vitality on the natural health scene. If you are seeking uniquely empowering information for transforming your health, listen to her Naked Vegan radio show, or take a raw food prep class with her. Kimberly delivers. First photo is a satisfied client mom and son who could never have chocolate and the face having a faux chocolate pudding for the first time is priceless joy for all of us to witness!he whole picture of health in every regard and the raw food movement is thriving more with her stellar leadership.

Dr. David Klein, CEO and Editor of Living Nutrition Magazine

Kimberly lives, breathes and teaches rejuvenation and youthful vitality. If you are ready to experience the best health ever now, Kimberly can take you there!" ? David Wolfe, author of The Sun food Diet Success System, Eating For Beauty and Naked Chocolate

David Wolf

I like what Kimberly is doing to spread the word of living food. I also love her passion for mankind. Its not often we discover someone that is intelligent and has the passion.

Steven Gibb, Director, Creative Health Institute, Michigan, 2004-2005

I am 74 years old and went from barely able to have the energy to walk and only doing 1000-1200 steps a day and then to reach the 4000 is unheard of. With diabetes and high blood pressure and heart disease in my family, my doctor was astounded and gave me three !!! My plant foods enthusiastic doctor said my labs had not been so great numbers for 9 years until I worked just even my first month with Kimberly. Quite satisfied with a green smoothie, my veggies and spiral squash pasta. I had the zucchini spiraled with tomato sauce Now I finish eating and not saying "oh I am bloated". I eat plant-based and don't feel that uncomfortable stomach and I love it! Plus I dropped 25 pounds so far in just over 2 months!


About Kimberly Baca

  • Kimberly Baca is a chef who specializes in gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, plant based raw and cooked foods, culinary and wellness coach, best selling author, and speaker. Born in New York but grew up in Michigan, she made Southern California her home when seeking ways to heal her diagnosed autoimmune disorder.

    After being diagnosed in her late twenties with the autoimmune disorder, Fibromyalgia , Kimberly spent most of her thirties exploring and experimenting with the health hand she was dealt. Finally, she discovered using her experience in the kitchen as one strategy to heal her body. That is when she started hacking comfort foods, she grew up eating, and gourmet foods, enjoyed in her modeling and fashion designer days in Manhattan, to make them not only tasty, but also healthy.

    Kimberly’s best-selling debut cookbook series Recipe Hacker Secrets, chronicles foods she created and reverse engineered, revealing the ‘how’ that she finally mastered to reach harmony between health and extremism. Every step focuses on making one simple healthy lifestyle change at a time. Now it’s her mission to help you find the same freedom to enjoy foods you love in a guilt-free and healthy way. 

  • Now it is time for...

    You to Become confident and enjoy the freedom from guilt, while transforming your body!

    PS - If you're sick and tired of thinking that no matter what you do, you'll always gain unhealthy weight , and always feeling bad about your body shape then get RECIPE HACKER SECRETS to have what you need to help transform your food addictions that result in feelings of guilt.  In less than 2 weeks you'll feel this is the solution you've been looking for... let's get started today!

    Kimberly Baca

    Founder of Recipe Hacker Secrets

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